Case study

Meet Holland Colours, a leading player in the chemical industry facing the evolving landscape of ESG reporting. They make custom colorants and additives and face a lot of stringent requirements when it comes to all aspects of ESG.

Navigating the complexities of ESG requires adept project management. One Click ESG embraced the challenge of setting up an organizational framework, engaging key employees in the ESG project, and ensuring a seamless integration of ESG principles into the company’s fabric.

One Click ESG’s expertise was evident in the structured execution of the double materiality analysis, blending workshops, interviews, and surveys.

Geert Rutgers, CFO a.i. , attests, “One Click ESG’s extensive expertise in reporting and environmental issues has been crucial in our ESG journey, particularly in conducting a double materiality analysis in line with CSRD guidelines.”

The stringent CSRD requirements necessitate a nuanced understanding of environmental and social topics. One Click ESG, armed with specialists versed in these domains and well-versed in frameworks like GHG protocol, assisted Holland Colours in collecting ESG-data, formulating impactful KPIs and writing ESG-reporting.

In summary, One Click ESG’s multidisciplinary approach, covering environmental, social and governance aspects, not only ensured CSRD compliance for Holland Colours but also laid the groundwork for a structured ESG data collection.

Project Details